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Globe is the Arket platform for the smart management of processes, documents and information.
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You can use the Globe software platform to manage documents, processes and information from any location and on any device, at the exact moment you need to. We call it Document Intelligence.

The Workflow engine involves the right person at the right time, guiding them in the correct and timely execution of tasks, only at the moment that their intervention is required. The platform ensures you have full control over the progress of processes, with the option also to allow clients, suppliers and partners to intervene in the workflow.

Each company department can archive, manage and organise their documents in a simple, secure and personalised manner and always keep expiries and validities under control using automated alerts and workflows that are triggered on nearing the expiry of the document.

Then, using the advanced search engine, you can instantly find the documents you need, respecting the access rules configured.

The Globe platform adapts to your organisation and integrates with the business applications already used in the company. This way, processes are more streamlined and controlled, due to the connections between the various parts of the company IT system and between the various company functions.

globe document intelligence

Discover the features of Globe – Document Intelligence

Workflow management engine

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Portal for clients, suppliers and employees

MS Office file management and generation

Generation of PDF documents

OCR: automatic recognition of content

Document sending and distribution

Digital signature on documents

Automatic links and dossiers

DataView, charts
and dashboards


E-Invoicing & Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box)

Management of contact information

NSO – Nodo Smistamento Ordini (Order Sorting Hub)

Globe: the configurable, secure Document Intelligence platform

Globe is a highly configurable software platform, which offers the option to extend and personalise the features of the user interface using specific tools, such as:

  • Custom Actions that can be called up generally or in the context of a specific document (for ex. “Enter request for holiday leave”, “Attendance stamp”, “Insert photo”).
  • Form Designer: you can design the graphic layout of personalised forms to collect and select information that will then be used in subsequent processing (for ex. generating a PDF document or pre-populating a Word document)

The Globe software platform was designed to guarantee the utmost security of all operations involving company documents and workflows, in compliance with the provisions of the GDPR, providing various tools and features:

  • Full configurability of user authorisations, to define which documents and information users can access and which actions they can execute
  • Access logs for documents
  • Logs of views, sharing and changes to documents
  • Log of activities carried out (events), for example, sending a document by e-mail
  • Management of expiries of passwords for web accesses
  • Access through a Single Sign On and Active Directory: importing the user profiles and their properties (e-mail, department, telephone number, etc.) can be automatically performed by the Domain Controller.
    Authentication through Work Group and mixed modes is also supported.
  • Encrypted passwords and databases
  • Organisational Chart Tool for creating the organisational structure and linking it to the specific authorizations, to keep the security configurations constantly up-to-date, even in the event of organisational changes.

Find out the architecture and minimum requirements of the Globe platform

The Client is the application for users and Globe provides 3 modes:

  • Traditional Windows Application, which does not require installation (run-time) and is compatible with the Citrix, Terminal Server and VDI environments.
  • Web App, which can be used on the most common browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge
  • Globe App, which can be used on mobile devices, both Smartphones and Tablets, available for both Android and iOS.

Globe Client minimum requirements

Globe Client minimum requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 11

Globe Web minimum requirements:

  • The last two releases of the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers are supported.

To always ensure the utmost security in managing company documents, to use the Web Globe Client, the Globe App or the client/supplier portal you must have an SSL certificate issued by a recognised authority (ex. RapidSSL).

Globe Android App minimum requirements:

  • Android – last 3 major releases
  • Internet connection (for installation and updates)
  • Camera
  • Access to the Google Play Store
  • At least 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)

Globe iOS App minimum requirements:

  • iOS – last 3 major releases
  • Internet connection (for installation and updates)
  • Access to the App Store

The Globe Application Console provides numerous tools that guarantee extensive configurability of the platform. It is supported by detailed manuals, enriched by numerous examples and How-Tos.

The Application Server is the server component of Globe, a 64-bit server structured in various modules (roles) that can be deployed over various instances/servers, allowing for significant scalability and reliability. The Globe system can also be configured in Load Balancing/High Availability mode, from 2 to “N” nodes, which, operating concurrently, will balance the workloads and allow for maintenance during operation.

Globe Server minimum requirements

Recommended minimum requirements for Globe Server:

  • Physical/Virtual CPU: 2 2.8 GHz CPUs
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • C Drive – space: 80 GB
  • Type of Hard Disk: SATA, SAS or SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 2016 or later

Globe also works in virtualised environments (for ex. VMWare and Hyper-V).

Recommended minimum requirements for Globe Database Server:

  • Physical/Virtual CPU: 4 2.8 GHz CPUs
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • C Drive – space: 40 GB
  • D Drive – space: 100 GB (depends on the size of the DB, thus linked to the number of documents)
  • Type of Hard Disk: SAS or SSD
  • Operating System: Windows 2016 or later
  • DBMS Type and Version: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

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