Archive documents with bar codes

The Globe platform can recognise a label with a bar code affixed to a scanned hard copy document, to automatically recover from the ERP information for automatic archiving.

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Automatically archive hard copy documents using Globe’s barcode recognition feature

The acquisition and digital archiving of hard copy documents in Globe software is simple, automatic and efficient.
The platform can recognise the bar code affixed to a document, which makes it possible to automatically associate the scanned image with a record present in another company application (e.g. the ERP…)

This way, the keys necessary to automatically archive the document (company name, date, VAT no., expiry, etc.) and to make automatic links with other correlated documents (for example, between an invoice and the related transport documents) are automatically recovered.

Globe can automatically affix a barcode to the documents generated in the platform. This way, the signed copy scanned in is automatically associated with the original document already present in the document system.

First, print out from Globe the labels with specific bar codes for the type of document you intend to archive (for ex. transport documents or purchase invoices)

Affix the label to the first page of the documents to be archived, even without respecting the chronological number of the documents.

Register the document in your IT system, also entering the related bar code in a specific field in the ERP.

Acquire all the documents using a scanner and send them to Globe

Globe recognises the barcode and automatically archives the scanned document in the correct section. Moreover, as you entered the bar code also in the registration in your ERP, Globe can automatically recover the information relating to the document from the records of the ERP and use it to fill out the correct fields and search keys.

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