Digitally sign documents

Using Globe, you can remotely and digitally manage all the phases of the document’s life: from creation to signature and to sending. Say goodbye to hard copy documents. Globe supports all types of electronic and digital signature.

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What types of electronic signature can you use to sign documents in Globe?

You can select the solution and type of signature most suited to the context of their use and the characteristics of the process that requires signing documents:

Images and stamps
Simple electronic signature
Advanced electronic signature
Graphometric signature
Qualified and digital signatures
Qualified electronic seal

Digitally sign documents managed in Globe

When documents such as contracts, quotations, transport documents, invoices, certifications, hiring letters and NDAs have to be signed or approved by people inside and outside the company, they are printed out, delivered (by hand, by post or e-mail), signed by hand, returned and re-acquired for digital archiving, while the original is stored in a physical archive. This requires significant investment of time, and delays that accumulate.

Instead, using electronic and digital signatures (with full legal validity) you can make your company paperless and digitise sales, procurement, HR and internal processes, simplifying and streamlining day-to-day workflows.

Imagine how much time you can save in approval flows or in transactions between parties who are physically and geographically far from each other. Not to mention the benefits in terms of the satisfaction of clients, employees and suppliers involved in simple, quick and fully digital flows, even on mobile devices, at any time and wherever they are located.

In Globe you can enter the image of your signature in a document simply and quickly, using the Globe App: trace your signature on you smartphone or tablet and the platform acquires the image and places it in the right location of the document.

You can also configure Globe to automatically affix Stamps with personalisable information to documents: for example, when you complete an approval task in a workflow, Globe automatically affixes a stamp on the document with the outcome of the approval, the name and surname of the user that approved or rejected the document, the date and time…

With Globe you can easily apply or request the application to your documents of a remote Simple Electronic Signature (SES) using an OTP.

The signatory (inside or outside the company) receives an e-mail notification containing a link they can use to view the document and affix their signature, in a browser, by entering the OTP received via SMS on their mobile phone.

Using Globe, you can affix an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) using an OTP to the documents managed on it: the platform sends an e-mail notification to the signatory, containing a link they can use to view the document in a browser and affix an AES using the certificate of signature issued by the company and the OTP received via SMS.

The Advanced Electronic Signature OTP can be used, for example, to sign hiring contracts or to certify the delivery of disclosure to employees by the company.

Using the Globe platform, you can affix a graphometric advanced electronic signature to documents.

The user signs the document using a specific pad, the platform acquires the biometric data associated with the signature (time, position, pressure on each single point of the path of the pen) and codifies and attaches them in encrypted format in the document, creating an unequivocal link between the signatory and the document.

It is very useful to employ a graphometric signature when dealing with Transport Documents: the transporter can sign the transport documents using a pad and the dedicated module will import the signed document directly into Globe, as a signed copy of the original document.

With Globe you can affix or request for documents managed in the platform a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), a Qualified Electronic Seal or a Digital Signature, using different methods:

  • Qualified Electronic Signature or digital signature via a USB or Smart Card
  • Remote Qualified OTP Signature: you can securely save in Globe the Alias of your certificate of qualified signature and with a few clicks affix your signature to the document, simply by entering your PIN and the OTP received via SMS or App. This solution also permits the issue of a certificate of qualified signature using the Public Digital Identity System (SPID).
  • Remote Qualified OTP Signature integrated with AdobeSign: in a few steps, the signatory can select their provider of qualified signature, log in and affix the signature in the point indicated, entering their PIN and the OTP received or choosing to sign with identification via SPID.

After following the specific process for the issue of one or more certificates of signature or seal for the automatic remote mode, the key is saved in a secure server that can be used remotely (an Arket server dedicated to the client or a server at the client’s home) without the need to manually enter the PIN and OTP for each operation.

Using this method, you can also sign in bulk large volumes of documents (for ex. electronic invoices of sale to be sent to the SdI [“Sistema di Interscambio”, Exchange System] or certificates), through protected, encrypted communication with the server.

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