Sharing and sending documents

Globe provides many methods for sharing and exchanging documents and company information: it optimises collaboration with clients, suppliers and partners, but also between various departments or within the same department.

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How can you share documents and information archived in Globe?

Certified e-mail
Microsoft Teams
Company portal
Bulk distribution
Mailing service

Share documents and information quickly, simply and securely using Globe

Select the best method for you and the people you deal with and share documents and information efficiently in a tracked manner:
  • E-mail, in addition to the classic e-mail feature, you can send documents through links to monitor when they are opened, set expiries and read receipts and schedule sending. The powerful delivery engine lets you manage manual and automated e-mail flows and, due to integration, you will find all the e-mails sent by Globe also in the sent mail of your e-mail client.
  • Certified e-mail, with full automated management and archiving of receipts of acceptance/delivery/non-delivery and the verification that the recipient’s address is a certified e-mail address, thus guaranteeing legal validity.
  • Fax, using external fax servers
  • WhatsApp, both to send attachments and messages using a company account and to use messages received via WhatsApp to that number to automatically acquire data in Globe
  • Microsoft Teams, configuring workflows to send messages to specific users/groups/teams with attached documents
  • Company portal to share documents, information and workflows with clients, suppliers, partners or employees
  • Bulk document distribution feature, monitoring when the document is opened
  • Mailing, with integration with external providers
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