Electronic Invoicing & Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box)

Using the Globe platform, you can manage all the phases of the process of electronic invoicing and automatically reconcile your records with your Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box).

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Main features for managing electronic invoices in Globe

Automatic processes

Sending, receipt, notifications, sorting and reconciliation

Simple monitoring

Checks on incoming and outgoing invoices


Any type of company ERP, administrative software and IT system


Quick, simple and efficient search of any document

Digital management

Sales and procurement cycle processes and document

Efficiently and automatically monitor and manage incoming and outgoing e-invoices using Globe

  • If your ERP can create XML files, Globe will acquire these automatically.
  • We are also capable of generating XML files starting with any type of output from your IT system (for ex. PDF files, print outs, EDI files, IDoc files) or by directly reading the database of your IT system
  • Globe acquires the invoice from your ERP or creates a PDF version of it
  • Automatic workflows are triggered linked to the invoice issued (for ex. SdI [“Sistema di Interscambio”, Exchange System] checks to validate the XML, custom checks, document approval flows)
  • The platform affixes the electronic signature and time stamp
  • Manage interfacing with the SdI (both in native mode and using your certified e-mail) to transmit the invoice to the recipient
  • Manage and archive the delivery/rejection receipts and the notification of the outcome of sending
  • Send the document for storage pursuant to law

People who manage the company’s electronic invoicing flows every day have to periodically check that the information in their IT system matches that contained in the Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box) on the Italian Revenue Agency portal. Using the Globe platform, you can:

  • import in bulk the invoices downloaded from the Italian Revenue Agency portal using the feature Bulk Download
  • automatically compare the invoice files in the Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box) with those archived in Globe, highlighting any missing files in the platform (for ex. checking those that are only available in the tax box due to non-delivery), which can be imported using the bulk import feature
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