Globe App for iOS and Android

Desktop client, web client and App. Use Globe both on your smartphone and tablet: you’ll have your documents and full control over processes, at any time, wherever you are.

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Search, view and manage documents

Easily search, view, share and manage all of your documents, wherever you are, exactly when you need to

Manage workflow and approval flows

Push notifications inform you each time your intervention is required in a process, and you can manage the workflow directly using the App

Acquire on-site images

You can create on-site photographic documentation to attach to documents and enrich images with text notes or drawings

Scan documents

Take a photo of the pages of a document to obtain a PDF file with optimised scans that can be re-ordered or edited using the integrated editor.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition

The optical character recognition feature automatically acquires data from documents, just by taking a photograph

View databases

Thanks to its interactive databases, you can quickly make a phone call, send an e-mail from your e-mail app or open street directions from your maps app


Acquire and record your position, along with the time and date: these can be saved in the search keys and be used to fill out automatically generated documents

Custom actions

Create personalised actions to enter requests, automatically generate documents and acquire data and images

Examples of use of the Globe App in day-to-day work

You can use the Globe App to acquire on-site photographic documentation, with the option of enriching the images with text notes, doodles and various drawings directly using your smartphone to increase the communicative power of the document.

This feature is particularly useful, for example, to photograph incoming and outgoing packages (also reading any associated barcodes, to automatically recover additional information from other applications, such as your ERP), document a non-conformity or collect photographic documentation at a client.

You can use the Globe App to take one or more photos of a document in order to scan it, creating a PDF file from the pages acquired using the camera.

The photos are straightened and optimised by the App, with the option to re-order the pages and edit them using the integrated editor.

This way, you can acquire documents in digital format at any time and any place, eliminating the burden of having to exclusively scan them in the office or where there is a physical scanner.

The Globe App also provides a geolocation feature, to record the user’s position: this feature is very useful, for example, for employee clocking in and out or to record the date and time that travel for work purposes starts and ends.

You can configure custom actions in the Globe App which lets you enter specific requests and trigger the related workflows, simply by filling out the available forms.

For example, using their smartphone, an employee could conveniently enter a request for holiday leave, personal leave, overtime or remote work, easily and quickly, by entering the date, time and type of request in a specific form.

This automatically triggers an approval flow, which involves the designated supervisor, requesting the approval or rejection of the request. All parties will be constantly updated on the progress of the flow, as a result of the notifications.

Also using the custom actions, fill in the specific forms to have the app automatically generate documents containing the information entered.

For example, if you are travelling and you need to create a report on the work you just did at a client. It couldn’t be easier: through a specific action in the Globe App, you can enter all the necessary information to record the work done and obtain a PDF document formatted with all the information entered, ready to share with the client.

Using the OCR feature, you can acquire data from the documents simply by photographing them from the Globe App.

This way, for example, you can enter expense reports extremely quickly, simply by taking a photo of the receipt for your expenses: the OCR engine recognises the information in the receipt, extracts it and enters it in the correct fields to generate the expense report.

A few previews of the Globe App – Document Intelligence

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

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