Web portal for clients, suppliers, employees and partners

With Globe, you can optimise the exchange of documents, simplify the sharing of information and improve collaboration at all company or intercompany levels.

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Who can access the web portal?


Make available to your internal staff all the personal documentation (employee files), simplify communications with the HR Department and enable specific actions to manage HR processes


Improve your collaboration with suppliers with a portal on which both you and the supplier can easily and autonomously upload or view documents and information


Optimise the customer experience and service offered to your clients: easily exchange information, simplify the insertion of requests and make the necessary documents available at all times


Share, in a simple, easy and organised manner, all the supporting documentation for distributors/resellers/partners your company works with, to keep them up-to-date on all news at all times

Using the Global web portal module, you can interact and exchange documents and information with users inside or outside the organisation, easily and quickly, significantly improving collaboration.

You can involve clients, suppliers and partners in the processes using automated workflows, e-mail alerts and wizards, at the exact time you need them to intervene in a process.

On the portal, the company’s stakeholders can upload documents and information, manage processes and approvals, enter requests and view documentation, all easily from the web browser.

A flexible, personalisable portal, designed for every need

Making available to employees a web portal or an app they can use to access their employee files is extremely convenient: this is a secure, efficient communications channel, that lets personnel autonomously view even their sensitive documentation as well as interact with the HR Department.

Dedicated credentials and custom access permits for each employee guarantee full respect of privacy and compliance with the GDPR.

Using the Globe portal, you can manage and make available various types of documents and flows, such as:

  • Pay slips, Certifications on Income, Employee Severance Indemnity
  • Hiring documents (privacy disclosure, self-certification of residency, tax deductions, Employee Severance Indemnity statement, bonuses, bank details)
  • Contractual documents (hiring letters, extensions of contract, confirmations of permanent contract, transfer/assignment letters, changes in working hours, dismissal, resignation letters and replies, UniLav notifications…)
  • Company benefits/welfare
  • Training and safety certifications, medical certificates and company regulations
  • Entry and management of requests for holiday leave/personal leave/overtime/remote work
  • Entry of expense reports

The supplier portal is a direct channel between the Procurement Office and suppliers that significantly improves collaboration between the parties, shortens timeframes for managing procurement requests and reduces low value tasks required to manage supply orders.

For example, using the portal, the supplier can enter their order confirmations, automatically updating the dates and quantities in the ERP. You can set up automatic alerts, so that a set number of days prior to the expected delivery date the supplier will receive an e-mail with a link they can use to directly access the portal and confirm or change the dates and quantities initially entered.

On the portal, supplier can also upload the transport documents regarding the goods to be delivered, in advance, making it possible to pre-load the transport documents in the ERP.

You can also use the portal to forward Requests for Quotation and let the supplier directly upload their quotation, set up areas dedicated to uploading certificates or reports regarding maintenance/servicing activities and manage processes relating to non-conformities to be reported to the supplier.

Using the portal you can improve the customer experience and expand your range of services offered to clients.

For example, you can make available to each client the documents regarding them (invoices, transport documents, orders, call out reports, certificates, etc.), so that they can search for them, view them and download them at any time.

On the portal you can also configure procedures for the client to enter Requests for Quotation and share with them quotations and estimates that they can approve or request easily from their browser.

The portal also lets clients autonomously create a non-conformity/claim, a return request or a request for assistance/maintenance.

By configuring a portal dedicated to your distributors or partners, you will optimise the exchange of documents and information: for example, you can set up an area dedicated to sales and marketing documentation, or to product information sheets and other technical documents, as well as making available administrative documentation such as invoices or contract documentation.

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Discover some of the Solutions created using the Globe platform

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Globe

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