Links between documents, dossiers and digital folders

Using Globe, you can create links between correlated documents and digital folders that group together all the documentation based on personalised criteria.

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Link the documents and create digital folders either automatically or manually using Globe

In managing various company activities, it is highly useful to connect different documents that belong to the same process (for ex. order, order confirmation, delivery note and invoice): the Globe platform manages the automatic or manual creation of links between documents using the Link feature, making browsing and consulting the documentation much quicker and more organised.

If there are already links between documents in the administrative software/ERP, Globe can acquire this information to recreate the structure of the links in the platform.

Moreover, when you send a document through Globe, the platform lets you quickly share an entire set of correlated documents.

Globe also uses the concept of Dossier, that is, an automatic collection of heterogeneous documents linked with each other due to a common characteristic (for ex. all documents regarding a specific employee, supplier or client, all documentation regarding a product with a specific Serial Number or matrix code).

The Dossier allows you to replace folders used in the traditional management of hard copies of documents.

Within the dossier, documents are divided by document type (for ex. quotations, orders, licenses or technical documentations) and if a document belongs to several dossiers, Globe automatically links the different types of Dossiers.

Globe also offers the option to link one or more Data Views and dashboards to the dossier, to immediately view the information correlated with the documents in graphic form.

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