Management of databases & contact information

Using Globe you can manage and personalise your databases: manually enter the information or automatically import it from other company applications. Easily navigate documents, processes, KPIs and information regarding each contact.

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What can you manage using Globe databases?

Personalise fields
Import databases from other applications
Decide who can have access
Monitor documents sent
Manage documents
Manage processes
Consult KPIs and data
Launch custom actions

Interact with your contacts simply and quickly thanks to Globe

In the Globe platform, you can configure contact information and databases of clients, suppliers, employees and any other type. You can personalise the fields and types based on the specific company needs and the process to manage in the platform.

You can manually insert database details or let Globe automatically import it from other company applications, such as the ERP, payroll software or the company CRM.

You can fully configure the visibility of contacts to guarantee compliance with all company policies.

The databases allow you to quickly and simply view all the information in Globe regarding a specific contact: names, additional information, documents broken down by type, Data Views and KPIs, Dossiers, custom actions, workflow tasks and documents sent.

You can also use the App to carry out quick actions on mobile, such as starting a call form the device in use, sending an e-mail, geolocalising and opening a location in a map app such as Google Maps.

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