OCR – Automatic recognition of information in documents

The Globe platform can automatically recognise the text in your documents and use it to fill out the search keys or other fields.

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Which documents can Globe use to recognise information?

Vectorial documents

Globe includes a feature dedicated to automatically extracting information from vectorial documents

Scanned documents

Due to integration with OCR services (for ex. Amazon AWS OCR) Globe can extract text and information from scanned documents


Using the Globe App, you can photograph receipts and, thanks to the integrateable OCR services, it recognises and extracts the data

Extract information from documents and leverage it automatically

The Globe OCR module (Optical Character Recognition) provides optical recognition of the characters and information in the documents archived in the platform, whether they are native PDFs or scans.

You can decide to use the information extracted from the document in various ways. Here are two examples of application:

  • Automatically fill out the search keys to correctly archive the document. For example, when an invoice from a specific supplier is entered in Globe, the software can identify the information necessary to index the document (for ex., date, invoice number and total).
  • Automatically enter information in a request or generate another document. For example, using the Globe App, you can photograph a receipt and let the platform do the work of extracting the data and entering them in an employee expense report.
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