Station – Document Exchanger

Station is Arket’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform that automates the processes of data extraction from documents, data entry and checking information.
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Station document exchanger
+40% productivity
-50% errors
+80% time freed up
-100% repetitive activities
Station is the software platform that automates office processes, which acquires documents, extracts data, checks, compares and uploads the information to company applications.

With Station, you can eliminate manual tasks for data entry and checking the information contained in documents. It imitates repetitive operations usually carried out manually by staff, to extract and process the content of any type of document. It also automates data uploading, interacting with any software application used by the company.

The platform involves the right person only at the time that it detects an anomaly that needs to be fixed. It accurately reports where it identified an error and provides all the details to intervene, saving the operator in the office from carrying out burdensome checks of the documents.

By delegating to the platform all those processes that do not require human intervention, the people in the various company departments can free up time to dedicate to more strategic duties that are less repetitive and more satisfying, which fundamentally require human skills and contributions, such as relations with clients and suppliers and problem solving.

Discover the features of Station – Document Exchanger

Listening and receipt

A system of connectors (for ex. e-mail, certified e-mail, File Systems) monitors the presence of files within Station’s scope and acquires them


Station recognises the document based on the properties of the connector or on information extrapolated from the document’s content

Data extraction

Station extrapolates the necessary information from the document, using customised dictionaries or maps for each type of file

Comparison with other data

Station is capable of conducting checks on the data extracted and comparisons with information from other sources, for example, the ERP


Station standardises the information extracted in a pre-set format, preparing it for the desired use.

Integration with other data

Station can integrate the data extracted from the document with data from other sources


Station is capable of converting the initial document into a new format (for ex., from PDF to XML)

Data uploading/entry

Station automatically uploads the data extracted to the ERP, whichever one is used, due to the numerous possible integration methods

Find out the architecture and minimum requirements of Station

Station Console is a 64-bit Desktop application installed on the server, used to configure and monitor all the processes related to the documents processed by the platform.

For certain types of documents, for example, PDFs, Station leverages a powerful mapping engine to extract data: this engine can be accessed from the Console and used to set both static and dynamic rules for data extrapolation, starting with a sample file configured once upstream.

The Client module of Station is a 32- and 64-bit Desktop application which provides users with the option to check the data obtained by Station before it continues with the desired process. The use of this module is optional and subordinate to the need for a user to intervene in the workflow.

In certain contexts, where the workflow does not require interaction with the user, the process is fully managed by the server and, thus, transparent for the end user.

Station Client minimum requirements

Station Client minimum requirements: Microsoft Windows 10 or 11

Station Server is a 64-bit Windows service that is created when the product is installed. It includes connectors which access various types of sources for the incoming files (for ex. e-mail, certified e-mail, File Systems).

The service also extrapolates data from the document and triggers the workflow that the data generated as output must follow.

Station can be configured in Load Balancing/High Availability mode, from 2 to “N” nodes, which, operating concurrently, balance the workloads and allow for maintenance during operation.

Station Server minimum requirements

Recommended minimum requirements for Station Server:

  • Physical/Virtual CPU: 2 CPUs 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB, 2 processors
  • C Drive – space: 50 GB
  • Type of Hard Disk: SATA, SAS or SSD
  • Operating System: Windows Server release 2016 or later
  • DBMS Type and Version: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later

If SQL Server is installed on the same machine, dedicated only to Station, 4 GB of RAM, 2 processors and disk space will have to be added.

Discover some of the Solutions created using Station

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients using Station

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