One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions.

COLLHUBORATE is the Arket suite that, by combining consulting and software platforms, offers companies solutions to digitise and automate office processes.

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The COLLHUBORATE Solutions resolve specific problems and needs, integrating perfectly with the applications already used by the company: they bolster the existing systems without added stress for people, working alongside the tools that people are used to using.

They simply and effectively automate processes, even transversal processes across several functions, providing integrated management of both the company’s internal workflows and external workflows, improving collaboration, preventing errors and the wasting of precious time.

COLLHUBORATE is a modular suite, with Solutions that can be personalised for various industrial sectors, departments and company needs.

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE

A specific Solution for each office. Choose the one you need:

Procurement Office

Manage, with just a few clicks, your entire purchase order cycle, automate time consuming activities and easily interact with your suppliers and other departments.

Accounting Office

Streamline and automate flows of accounting data, track the progress of processes, manage deadlines and easily find documents.

Sales Office

Empower and improve your interactions with clients, keep sales processes and performance under control, easily find documents in any location and at any time.

Quality Office

Easily create, approve and distribute Quality Office documentation, improve the handling of complaints, non-conformities and returns, and increase collaboration with clients, suppliers and other departments.

HR Office

Manage human resource documentation compliant with the GDPR, exchange documents and information with employees using the dedicated portals and procedures, and keep full control over deadlines.

Logistics Office

Keep full control over incoming and outgoing goods, digitally and automatically manage customs and transport documents, and promptly update logistics information.

Each sector has its Solution. Search for yours:

Mass Distribution & Retail

Automate back office processes, the process of distributing documents to points of sale, and improve the exchange of information with employees, shops and suppliers.

Iron & Steel Industry

Digitally create and manage all documents in the order cycle, quality documents, certificates, production documents and contracts, to always keep control over processes and save resources.

Fashion & Textiles

Streamline and integrate the management of production and order cycle documents with the various internal applications, automating data importing and uploading.


Improve the processes for exchanging documents and data internally, as well as with clients and suppliers for sales and assistance services, focused on customer-satisfaction.

Furniture & Design

Personalise documents and production information sheets, handle order and invoicing flows and improve the exchange of information between technical, sales and other departments.

Engineering Industry

Automate workflows, handling documents in the procurement and sales cycles, technical datasheets, non-conformities, orders and certificates digitally.

Food & Beverage

Streamline the processes that involve clients and suppliers, optimise relations with Mass Distribution and distributors and the management of contract and quality documents.

Chemical Industry

Automate the processes regarding supplies, sales orders and human resources, digitise the management of contract, quality, maintenance, etc. documents and data.

Plastic-Rubber Industry

Optimise procurement processes, digitally manage documentation and flows relating to orders, quality, logistics and contracts.

Packaging & Paper Products

Digitise the management of supplies, improve collaboration with suppliers and clients, and streamline processes relating to quality, maintenance, human resources,

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