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COLLHUBORATE is the Arket suite to digitise and automate workflows. Modular Solutions for various departments, integrated with each other and with other applications to favour the exchange of information and the execution of transversal processes.

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COLLHUBORATE supports the day-to-day work of each company department. Individual offices have to manage specific processes and problems under their responsibility, but these flows usually also entail the interaction between various functions and with external parties. In most cases, specialised software is incapable of completely managing these processes.

The COLLHUBORATE Solutions accurately handle the specific challenges that characterise each company department. They optimise the exchange of data with other offices, with external parties and between different applications, in a manner completely integrated with the applications already used.

A specific Solution for each department. Choose the one you need:

Procurement Office

Manage, with just a few clicks, your entire purchase order cycle, automate time consuming activities and easily interact with your suppliers and all departments in your company.

Accounting Office

Streamline and automate flows of accounting data, track the progress of processes, manage deadlines and easily find documents.

Sales Office

Empower and improve your interactions with clients, keep sales processes and performance under control, easily find documents in any location and at any time.

Quality Office

Easily create, approve and distribute Quality Office documentation, improve the handling of complaints, non-conformities and returns, and increase collaboration with clients, suppliers and other departments.

HR Office

Manage human resource documentation compliant with the GDPR, exchange documents and information with employees using the dedicated portals and procedures, and keep full control over deadlines.

Logistics Office

Keep full control over incoming and outgoing goods, digitally and automatically manage customs and transport documents, and promptly update logistics information.

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients

Success stories: some projects implemented hand-in-hand with our clients

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