Solutions for a digital, automated accounting office

COLLHUBORATE is the Arket suite that combines consulting and software platforms to digitise and automate accounting and financial processes.

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digitalizzare reparto amministrativo

A Solution for every challenge of the Accounting Office:

The day-to-day management of accounting office activities is sensitive, requires attention and speed at the same time, to prevent errors and delays in payments. Often, however, these tasks require more time due to manual checks and repetitive data entry activities.

Arket has created several Solutions to support the Accounting Office. Numerous innovative software tools that require the operator’s intervention only if necessary, alerting the operator of any anomalies to be resolved. This way, you save time, preventing human error and speeding up processes.

Generation of XML for sales e-invoices from data or documents produced by your ERP

Creation of invoices and delivery notes in EDI format, starting from data in the administrative software

Send electronic sales invoices to the SdI (“Sistema di Interscambio”, Exchange System), with approval workflows

Manage notifications of rejections and non-deliveries of e-invoices

Receive electronic purchase invoices from the SdI, sorting and approval flows

Conversion of international invoices from PDF to electronic invoice XML format for automatic import

Automatic pre-registration of purchase invoices (electronic invoices, EDI format, PDFs)

Automatic reconciliation of purchase invoices with orders/transport documents/warehouse bookings

Automatic reconciliation of services invoices and call out reports

Automatic reconciliation of invoices sent and received using the Cassetto Fiscale (Tax Box)

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Accounting Office

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Accounting Office

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