Solutions for a digital, automated procurement office

COLLHUBORATE is the Arket suite that combines consulting and software platforms to digitise and automate Procurement processes.

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A Solution for every challenge of the Procurement Office:

Nowadays, the scarcity of raw materials and difficulties in procurement are putting a considerable strain on procurement offices: delays and deficits in dating and quantifying deliveries from suppliers, manual data entry operations and inefficiencies in exchanging information with suppliers weigh heavily on day-to-day operations.

To support Procurement Offices in handling these challenges, Arket has developed numerous Solutions. Eliminate repetitive, time consuming activities with a high risk of errors, freeing up precious time to dedicate to more strategic activities, such as searching for new suppliers and negotiating better terms and conditions.

Supplier web portal for onboarding and exchanging information

Automatic upload of suppliers’ price lists

Centralised entry, management and approval of Purchase Requests

Digital management and approval of Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders

Creation and management of tenders

Automatic upload of order confirmations

Automatic reminders to suppliers

Automatic calculation of supplier scorecards and vendor ratings

Automatic reconciliation of orders, invoices and delivery notes

Creation and management of supply contracts

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Procurement Office

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Procurement Office

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