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COLLHUBORATE is the Arket suite that combines consulting and software platforms to digitise and automate the sales, pre-sales, and after-sales processes.

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A Solution for every challenge of the Sales Office:

The management of documents and information from numerous channels, and in different formats is one of the most time-consuming challenges for the Sales Office. Specifically, manual data entry is extremely time-consuming and subject to errors, because it requires constant attention by personnel. It takes more time, without a guarantee that errors will decrease. Not to mention the delays in preparing quotations and errors can have a negative impact on relations with your client.

To support the sales office in this and other challenges, Arket has created specific solutions, designed to avoid errors and automate repetitive activity with low added value. You can effectively manage orders coming from various channels, optimise the generation of quotations, free up useful time for your colleagues to guarantee effectiveness and accuracy to prospects and clients.

Automatically completed databases, CRM and client information sheets

Management of sales tasks and opportunities

Automatic receipt, acquisition and sorting of Requests for Quotation

Management of participation in tenders

Generation of quotations/estimates integrated with ERPs and other applications

Quotations that can be viewed and accepted via web, using electronic signature and automatic reminders

Creation and management of sales contracts, with expiry/renewal alerts and digital signature

Automatic uploading of sales orders into your ERP

Approval flows of sales invoices before sending to clients

Management of client warranties with archiving of receipts

Recording of cheques/cash collected by sales agents via App

Automatic grouping in dossiers of client documents divided by type

Dashboard of sales and clients performance, sales reporting by agent

Creation and automatic filling in of product information sheets for commercial use

Portal for stores and franchisees, client portal

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Sales Office

Discover several Solutions created using COLLHUBORATE for the Sales Office

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