Arcoprofil S.r.l.: EDI file conversion and data entry in ERP

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Arcoprofil Srl is a company that interacts strongly with the automotive industry, which makes extensive use of the EDI format for sending and receiving orders and invoices.

There were two problems:

  • incoming side, to be able to import EDI files and make them readable, and to automate the process of data entering into the ERP.
  • outgoing side, to convert dispatch notes and invoices in an EDI format compatible for the transmission to the customer.

It was also necessary to implement a process for the composition and printing of labels for pallets that had to be shipped to customers.

For the incoming side, the process required a lot of manual work:

  • EDI orders files were downloaded from a portal on the customer website
  • downloaded files had to be converted in a readable format through a dedicated software
  • the file in a readable format was printed
  • information contained into the printed orders were manually entered into the ERP

As regards the output streams:

  • Arcoprofil had to manually enter the details of the dispatch notes and invoices in the customer website
  • from the customer portal, data were transformed for the EDI
  • the same data had to be inserted again in a specific file for the creation of labels

This process, besides being very laborious, turned out to be unsuitable to answer some specific requirements of some customers.

Initially the company had thought to let manage the various documents directly to the VAN, but this mode proved to be very expensive. The final choice falls on our software Station, a robotic process automation platform.

  • Regarding the management of incoming EDI files, Station automates the process of creation of the order starting from the mapping done on the received EDI file. The document obtained is then automatically inserted within the ERP, where it will be validated by the user.
  • The EDI outgoing files, i.e. dispatch notes and invoices, are automatically created by Station, starting from data in the ERP. In the case of dispatch notes are also created the respective labels.

The data exchange with the ERP takes place through tables of support implemented on a dedicated shared database.

The EDI provider is used exclusively as VAN, that is responsible for ensuring the correct transmission of incoming and outgoing files, but does not make any kind of control that goes beyond the formal consistency of the file. The VAN provided the customer a software that is responsible for contacting customer/supplier VAN using specific protocols.

Arcoprofil now no longer needs the supervision of an operator for the file conversion to EDI: Station works completely independently, without the need to interact with a user. The process is then fully automated both incoming and outgoing.

This results in the optimization of the times and procedures, with a great saving of resources, time and money.

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to automate the conversion of EDI files and the data entry into the ERP in Arcoprofil Srl

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to automate the conversion of EDI files and the data entry into the ERP in Arcoprofil Srl

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