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Operating sector: applications and supplies for automotive, earth moving and agricultural machinery, food industry, gearboxes, compressors, heating/cooling sector
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Athena Spa needed to speed up and automate all the operations related to the exchange of data between the Aftermarket products portal and the ERP.

The needs were:

  • Manage, in real time, the update of the products catalog published on the e-commerce portal.
  • Synchronize the order data, entered by customers and sales network (agents) on the portal, with the management environment, uploading data in real time for a more efficient management of the process by the Sales department.

The DuploDB implementation has made it possible to manage in real time and in bidirectional mode, the updating processes between the ERP, located in the headquarters of the company in the province of Vicenza, and the e-commerce portal, hosted at the server farm of a service provider in Bologna.

In detail, the solution adopted solved the following problems:

  • Given the distributed geographic location of the servers, the catalogue update was managed asynchronously, with the data alignment carried out with scheduled operations. With the adoption of Duplo, the data of the articles, that reside in the ERP database, are now synchronized in real time with the tables used in the Aftermarket catalogue portal.
  • In the same way, the order data collected by the e-commerce section of the portal, entered both by the sales network of the company and by the customers, are now synchronized in real time with the ERP database, allowing a timely management of the order processing flow.
  • The temporary unavailability of the communication line and/or the temporary unavailability of the database (eg. for maintenance operations) are automatically managed, thanks to the particular characteristics of the product, that is able to manage the capture of the data also in off-line mode, to restore the exact sequence when the line and/or the database are available again.

The exchange of information to and from the e-commerce portal now takes place in real time, making it much more efficient and timely the work of users who manage the back office, while maintaining unchanged the entire structure of the IT system, without any intervention on applications.

The adoption of DuploDB, besides immediately solving problems related to the synchronization of the data linked to the Aftermarket Management, has enabled the customer to have an architecture that can be used in the company’s future development plans, such as the creation of a Corporate Portal, and the exchange of data in real time among the other companies of the Group.

“Duplo has given a concrete answer to the need to speed up and automate the alignment of the product catalog and the e-commerce order flow, which has resulted in a significant time saving. The environment setup was not particularly difficult; one morning and it was up and running.”

Emanuel Righetto – Web Strategist Athena Spa

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to synchronized the e-commerce portal and the custom ERP in Athena Spa

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to synchronized the e-commerce portal and the custom ERP in Athena Spa

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