Berto Industria Tessile S.r.l.: digitisation of the order cycle

digitalizzazione ciclo dell'ordine

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Berto E. G. Industria Tessile S.r.l. manufactures denim fabrics for apparel and furniture.

After updating its IT systems on AS/400, introducing new accounting software, the company wanted to streamline the processes that involve production documents (technical datasheets, fabric data sheets, fabric variant cards…), sales cycle (price quotations, order confirmations, client transport documents, packing lists, fabric details, client invoices, customs delivery notes, export declarations) and procurement cycle (purchase orders, supplier transport documents, supplier invoices and payment slips). The company already had a document management system.

However, it could not be integrated with the new accounting software and had various limitations in relation to the company’s needs: it was inflexible and usable only through a web interface that provided a system for searching and viewing documents that was cumbersome and lacked a workflow engine.

After carefully selecting software, Berto Industria Tessile S.r.l. decided to trust the Arket’s experience and replace that document system solution with the Globe Document Intelligence software.

The main strengths that primarily influenced the decision to avail of Arket to resolve the problems at Berto are:

  • short project implementation times compared to those offered by the competition
  • Globe is flexible software which, for example, lets you make queries to automatically identify the keys for a document
  • highly intuitive graphical interface for the end user, which ensures quick learning
  • capacity to integrate with the solutions already used at the company
  • powerful workflow engine
  • possibility to immediately send documents via e-mail, directly from Globe

With the introduction of the obligation to issue electronic invoices, given its positive experience with Arket, the company decided to leverage Globe also to receive, send and manage e-invoices.

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Configuring digital flows to manage the documents in the sales and procurement cycles and production resulted in clear benefits to daily productivity in the offices of Berto Industria Tessile:

  • time savings: before adopting this system, invoices and orders had to be sorted manually by the approving parties, that is, printed out and hand delivered or sent by e-mail. The automatic workflows and digital management of documents significantly streamlined the time needed, automatically and correctly sorting the documents to the correct approving party;
  • no risk of losing documents or sorting mistakes;
  • integration with the existing IT system: the Globe and Station software programmes perfectly integrate with each other and the programmes already used in the company, without having to make significant changes to the IT system. Moreover, specific actions were configured in the accounting software and in the administrative software that concurrently opens the documents in Globe, without having to continuously move from one software to the other;
  • it is not necessary to install the client in each single user PC. Rather, configuration is quick by copying the link to the executable programme on the user’s desktop;
  • Globe offers a complete web interface that lets you consult documents and tasks also away from your workstation;
  • no need to change the accounting software if it is not capable of generating XML files: Station can generate the XML files from PDF or text files created by the administrative software, containing all the necessary information.

The solution, in detail…

Procurement cycle

As regards the procurement cycle, in Globe, various management flows were configured regarding the following documents:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Suppliers invoices
  • Payment slips
  • Transport documents

Purchase orders are entered in the administrative software, to then be printed out by AS/400 in hard copy or PDF.

Globe can capture the PDF generated and autonomously receive the information necessary to correctly archive and classify the document.

Once Globe has acquired the document in PDF format, this triggers an approval workflow for the order.

The information regarding the approval or rejection of the order is thus transferred from Globe to the administrative software.

Berto Industria Tessile has defined various levels of approval, based on the user that entered the purchase order: for example, some users only need the final approval from the owner, while others have to first obtain the approval from their Department Manager.

When the order has been approved, Globe automatically affixes a digital stamp on the document, stating by whom/why the order was approved, as well as when (date and time).

Globe automatically acquires the invoices from the certified e-mail address selected to receive them.

Once the XML file has been extracted from the certified e-mail, Globe automatically generates a PDF preview of the invoice. If there was also a courtesy copy attached, it will be attached.

The invoices are recorded in the administrative software and a label is printed containing a barcode to be applied to the invoice.

Using the barcode, Globe can automatically recover from the administrative software the information regarding the keys of the document, using a border table.

If the invoice refers to an order that was not approved, or there are discrepancies in the quantities/prices on the invoice, this triggers an approval workflow, where the user can select who the invoice will be sent to for approval. Based on the outcome, Globe will unblock or keep the payment of the invoice blocked in the administrative software.

Just as for orders, also for invoices payable several levels of approval have been defined, and a stamp is affixed stating by whom/why the invoice was approved and when (date and time).

Periodically, the accounting software generates payment slips for the approved invoices: Globe automatically acquires the slips and connects them to the related invoices.

A specific action was also configured in Globe that lets users report that the invoice was paid, always ensuring full control over the situation.

Using a specific feature, users can print from Globe labels containing barcodes to affix on the hard copy transport documents.

Transport documents bearing the label are thus scanned into Globe and personnel records the warehouse bookings in the administrative software, also entering the specific barcode.

A task scheduled every hour links the transport document in Globe to the record in the administrative software, automatically acquiring several keys for the document and automatically linking the transport document with the invoice and the purchase order.

Sales cycle

When a sales order confirmation is created by the administrative software and printed out, Globe automatically captures the PDF file and extrapolates the information needed for archiving.

Once the request has been acquired, Globe attempts to associate a client in the CRM (Salesforce) with the sender of the e-mail received: if the address is present in Salesforce, it is initially automatically sorted between the areas Italy and Abroad, which are managed by two different order management teams.

Along with the transport documents, a packing list is also printed and captured, containing the details of the contents of the shipment.

This document is acquired by Globe and automatically linked to the transport documents and order confirmation (if existing).

For orders of samples, when the transport documents are printed, the Price Quotations are also created, containing the production prices of each article by quantity bracket.

The price quotations are also linked with the other documents (orders, transport documents and packing lists).

Fabric Details is a type of document required for shipments to certain countries, containing the details of the product shipped.

It is archived in Globe and linked to the related client invoice.

A barcode label, created and printed out by Globe, containing the references to the customs delivery note is affixed to the delivery notes generated by the customs office.

The delivery note is then scanned and archived in Globe, which uses the barcode to automatically associate the note with the sales invoice. Through another action, you can enter the MRN code on the delivery note.

With the introduction of the obligation of electronic invoicing, Berto Industria Tessile decided to send both Italian invoices and international invoices to the Sistema di Interscambio (Exchange System) in XML format, using Globe.

Nonetheless, the administrative software on AS/400 adopted by the company is unable to generate XML files for electronic invoicing: thus, another product of the Arket document suite, Station, was added to Globe.

This solution captures the text file generated by the administrative software, containing all the necessary information to generate the electronic invoice, extrapolates the information contained in the file and uses it to generate the XML for electronic invoicing.

It also attaches the courtesy copy of the invoice in PDF to the invoice.

Globe automatically acquires the XML invoice generated by Station and the PDF generated by the administrative software (which is displayed to the user as a readable preview of the invoice).

Using “Monitor XML Generation” in Globe, you can view the PDF invoices being processed, those already processed and those for which anomalies were found in the phase of creating the XML.

Once the XML has been successfully generated, you can approve the invoices to send them to the SdI (instantly or at a later time).

Globe takes care of sending them to the SdI and handles the various notifications and receipts, updating the status of the invoices as a result (“Pending Approval”, “Sent to the SdI”, “Notification of Rejection”, “Non-Delivery” or “Delivery Receipt”).

Where a notification of rejection is received, Globe sends an e-mail notifying the users in charge that their intervention is required on a specific invoice. Each invoice will be linked to the files of the related notifications and receipts.

A task was also scheduled which, once a day, sends the PDF version of all invoices regarding the previous working day to the clients and agents.


As regards production, three types of documents are stored in Globe:

  • Fabric data sheets: these are created by the administrative software, printed and automatically acquired by Globe. They are automatically linked to the documents of the sales cycle (client invoices), to facilitate searching for and sending the correct sheets to clients when requested.
  • Technical datasheets: these internal documents are created by the administrative software. Globe’s versioning feature lets you save and view different versions of the document.
  • Other documents regarding the fabric production process.

“The time it took to implement the solution based on Globe was really short, and in line with the promises made during the purchase phase. Globe’s simple, intuitive interface made it easy for users to learn and use the solution. Its capacity to integrate with the existing IT system then significantly increased the quantity and details of the information associated with the documents, making it possible for all offices and departments to generally adopt the tool. Using the workflow tool, we were able to significantly streamline the authorisation processes relating to the procurement cycle. Lastly, the powerful scripting language also made it possible to autonomously manage upgrades and improvements. Through this latest experience with electronic invoicing, our company was able to close the gap of our administrative software without having to use more burdensome solutions that are complex to implement and then manage.”

Roberta Zago – IT Manager of Berto E.G. Industria Tessile S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platforms we used to digitise the order cycle in Berto Industria Tessile S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platforms we used to digitise the order cycle in Berto Industria Tessile S.r.l.

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