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Operating sector: construction and civil engineering
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Edilmac dei F.lli Maccabelli S.r.l. is a company specialising in the management of large quarries, and in the execution of tunnels and shafts. The company decided to apply an Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety (QSE) Management System and successfully obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI 45001:2018 certifications. The management of the documentation regarding the Integrated Management System is complex at times, as it requires creating, filling out and revising numerous documents typical of Quality Systems, such as: Manuals, Instructions, Forms and Attachments. For this reason, the company decided to seek out a solution for digitally managing, in the most efficient manner possible, the documentation regarding quality, and found the answer to its needs it in the Globe Document Intelligence platform.

Specifically, the company intended to meet the following needs:

  • Ensure organised, efficient management of all the documentation regarding the Integrated Management System
  • Easily search for and view the Quality System documentation
  • Bring together in a single area both original documents and documents filled out and signed
  • For each new contract, being certain that all the necessary documentation has been created for the Integrated Management System
  • Manage revisions and their approval process
  • Automatically create records starting with templates

At Edilmac, all the required documentation and the records regarding the Company QSE Management System are managed in an organised, efficient manner in Globe, thanks to several automated mechanisms and the option to manage revisions and signed copies. In particular, the specific section “Integrated Management System” is displayed for all personnel, and breaks down the currently valid documents into:

  • documentation regarding the Integrated Management System manual
  • required documentation, broken down by the specific process

Then there is a section dedicated to “IMS Records” for archiving and managing the records and forms filled out. Lastly, a group of folders called “IMS Management” has been set up, which can be viewed only by the staff of the Quality Office, in which not only currently valid documents are managed, but also those no longer in force because they have been revised.

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With the support of Globe, Edilmac can manage all the documentation regarding the Integrated Management System in an organised, efficient manner:

  • Documents are broken down in an organised manner, by type and procedure, making the search and consultation of documentation simple.
  • Through the management of signed copies, both original documents and signed documents are brought together in a single area
  • Automatic creation for each single contract/worksite of all the necessary documentation for the Integrated Management System saves a great deal of time for personnel and ensures that all documents required are always present
  • The management of revisions and their approval flows streamlines documentation management and decreases the time needed, while always tracking their progress
  • The automatic creation of records starting from templates saves time and ensures that the correct, up-to-date template is always used

The solution, in detail…

The first menu item is dedicated to archiving the Integrated Management System manual and its attachments, managing the signed copy and revisions.

Various menu items were also configured, each dedicated to the required documentation for a specific Procedure (for ex. management of PPE). For each procedure, the following is included:

  • the procedures, which are described in detail
  • the attachments (for ex. instructions for use)
  • the module templates that must be filled out (for ex. record of delivery of PPE) for the records

By selecting one of the modules, you can launch the action “Create IMS Record”, which creates, in the section “IMS Records” a copy of the template ready to be filled out. In the section “IMS Records”, the documents are automatically grouped by module type and the management of signed copies has been implemented.

For each required document, you can tick the boxes “Impact on contract” and “Impact on worksite” in the document keys: these options indicate that, for each contract/worksite, specific documentation must be produced. Thus, each time a new contract is entered in Globe, the platform automatically generates all the documentation necessary, such as the quality record and links it to the specific contract, also automatically.

While the Globe sections “Integrated System Documents” and “IMS Records” were configured to be visible to all personnel (they specifically contain all the documentation currently valid), the group of folders “IMS Management” is reserved to the staff of the Quality Office. This section displays all documents, including those expired and revised.

Quality Managers can create a new revision of a document simply by selecting it and launching the action “create revision”, which creates a new “draft” document.

Once the draft revision of the document has been filled out, entered and modified, a workflow for confirming the changes and approval is activated:

  • the user that revised the document must confirm the changes they made and send the document for approval.
  • the group of users authorised to approve the document receives an alert that notifies them that there is a new document to approve. Taking in charge the task, the user can approve or reject the revision and enter the reason for any rejection.
  • once the revision has been approved, the new document changes from “draft” status to “active” status, while previous revision automatically moves to “obsolete” status (highlighting the date of obsolescence) and is blocked (no changes of any type can be made).

“Globe resolves the need to organise a vast amount of company documentation and that from (Environment-Quality-Safety) Integrated Management Systems: the management of signed copies groups in a single area both the original document and the document filled out, providing full visibility and consulting of revisions (with the related approval flows); by setting up alerts, any deadlines for activities and documentation can be managed, and it enables personnel to save time and gain operating efficiency, both in the office and at worksites.”

Elena Maccabelli – Integrated Management System Supervisor and Silvia Maccabelli – Head of Planning and Development of Edilmac of F.lli Maccabelli S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement document management for the Quality Department of Edilmac of F.lli Maccabelli S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement document management for the Quality Department of Edilmac of F.lli Maccabelli S.r.l.

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