GDO: real time checks/cash registration via app

Operating sector: retail

An important company of large-scale distribution was looking for a solution to manage in real time the process of registration cashing checks/cash received by sales agents.

Moreover, it was necessary to activate an approval workflow towards the administrative offices and to automate the generation of the relative bills of materials, with closing of the open accounting entries, through integration with the managerial PROJ.

This large scale distribution already used our Globe software for the storage and intelligent management of business documentation. Then the management decided to implement specific “Actions” on Globe App, usable by all agents on their smartphone or tablet.

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Thanks to the implementation of this feature within Globe, made available both on traditional clients and on APP, agents can promptly report checks/cash received, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover the possibility from part of the administration to manage the entire flow through Globe, automating some operations, like the creation of the deposit slip, allows to:

  • Reduce approval and management time
  • Eliminate manual operations with little added value, such as the creation of the bill of payment
  • Have more control over agent receipts
  • Speed up the accounting operations, by linking directly the specific agent with the specific open item in financial accounting.
  • Have a clear view of the status of checks/cash that have been cashed

The solution, in detail…

When an agent goes to a customer bar or restaurant, for example, and receives a check, thanks to the Globe APP, the administration office will immediately have the photo of the check available and they can then confirm an approval to cash in.

Regarding cashing a check, the agent must select the action “Insert check” and fill in some fields:

  • Agent who receives the check
  • Company for which the cheque was withdrawn
  • Customer who made the payment: Globe will then automatically complete the address field and other details starting from the customer registration
  • Amount of the check
  • Photo of the check (possibility to take the photo at the moment or to select it from the gallery of your device).
  • Once the check enters, the system will activate an approval workflow for the administrative department.

Regarding cash collection, once you have selected the action “Insert cash collection”, the procedure will be similar to the previous one, without the workflow approval towards the administration. Instead, the system generates automatically a receipt that is sent simultaneously by email to the customer.

After the cashing of checks or cash, the agent must, always through App, make the connection with the open items in accounting for the specific customer.

Users at the Administration department are notified of receipts entered by agents and, from Globe’s windows client, they can execute approval tasks generated by the workflow on checks.

At the time of payment, two other actions will then allow you to create the deposit slip for checks and cash at the head office or bank. Bills are created automatically from approved checks and cash not yet paid.

All checks and cash payments entered may be consulted by each agent directly from the App, in specific subfolders within Globe, splitted according to the status (“inserted“, “approved“, “deposit slip avaiable“, “blocked” or “denied” considering checks, “cashed – unsolicited receipt“, “cashed – receipt sent” or “deposit slip created” in case of cash)

Similarly, users of the Administration department will be able to view in real time from Globe the overall revenue situation.

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

DIscover the platform we used to digitize the real time registration process of checks/cash via App

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

DIscover the platform we used to digitize the real time registration process of checks/cash via App

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