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GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l. (GAM) manufactures equipment and furniture for children at nurseries and preschools, school furnishings, library furniture, furnishings for game rooms and didactic materials for the Montessori Method (it is the only company in Italy, and one of the three in the world certified by the AMI – Association Montessori Internationale).

Given its production area, the company often participates in tenders, which it has to manage in the most efficient manner: this is a complex workflow that involves entering and exchanging numerous documents of various types.

Thus, the company wanted to digitise the entire management workflow for tenders, integrating it with the company ERP (SAM ERP2 from Centro Software), thus achieving high levels of efficiency and guiding users in the various steps to take.

GAM decided to optimise their management of tenders and digitise the various steps of the process, all in an integrated manner with the ERP (SAM ERP2 of Centro Software). Following an initial analysis of the process together with Arket, crucial for determining the various steps comprising the management workflow of tenders and identifying the possible areas for improvement, it was decided to use the Globe platform to digitise and optimise the procedures, which to that point had been carried out in a traditional manner.

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Due to this new and fully digital method for managing tenders, GAM obtained significant benefits:

  • Users are guided in the correct execution of all the steps
  • Users are involved, through alerts, only at the time in which the previous phases have been completed and, thus, their intervention is required
  • The documentation is easy to search for and view by using filters
  • A single, shared and centralised repository
  • Full control over the progress of the flows linked to tenders
  • Control over the status of the tender, timing and deadlines

The solution, in detail…

The user in charge of managing tenders enters the opportunity in Globe, using a dedicated action and form, indicating the deadline, a brief description and additional notes to identify the subject of the tender. In this phase, you can select a client already codified in SAM ERP2 or create prospects. Subsequently, these will be linked to the client codified in the ERP. If necessary, you can also enter an agent contact to manage the tender. Then, you indicate the user responsible for authorising the pursuit of the tender opportunity and enter the initial documents.

For each opportunity, a PDF document is automatically generated which contains all the information entered and is used to directly manage the links to other documents and the related actions.

An automated task makes a request (and notifies) to the user in charge to authorise or reject the start of the tender process starting with the opportunity entered.

Once the opportunity is authorised, the user in charge of the tender process is involved in a task of integrating the data and can: execute the data integration tasks, continue without executing the tasks or assign the tasks to a colleague.

When you execute the task “integrate opportunity data”, a form is displayed where you can enter additional tender data, such as the deadline, the auction amount, the need to set up a planning phase and the person in charge.

In the section of Globe dedicated to tender opportunities, users can sort and group all the opportunities entered based on various criteria, for example, by country, deadline or client.

Once the phase of entering the opportunity is completed, the tender manager enters the initial documents required, through the action “enter tender documents”. Through this action, you can enter various types of documents: administrative documents (for ex. European Single Procurement Document, payment of F23 tax forms, bank guarantee, tender tax), commercial documents (for ex. quotations, declarations of labour costs), tender preparation documents (for ex. financial, planning or technical documents), technical documents (for ex. certifications, planning documents, technical datasheets), tender feasibility assessment and post-tender reports.

The tender manager requests that the office in charge (Planning/Administration) confirm the participation in the tender through the action “Request Confirmation of Tender Participation”. The office in charge receives a notification and the tender is assessed both financially and in terms of planning. If the response is negative, the reason is required, and the tender does not proceed beyond this point.

At this point, all the offices involved in the tender enter the necessary documents and the status of the tender changes from “In Progress” to “Tender Attachments Uploaded”.

Once all the documents have been uploaded, the tender manager has them authorised using the action “Authorise Tender Documents”. The authorising party receives an alert and confirms the sending of the documents, or can request additions.

Once approval has been received, the tender manager executes the action “Sign Tender Documents“ and Globe digitally signs them via a certified external provider.

At this point, the tender manager exports in bulk the signed documents ready to be uploaded to the tender portals, through the action “Export Tender Documents”.

When the tender is won, one or more offers are generated in SAM ERP2.

These are linked to the tender opportunities in Globe and the status of the tender opportunity is updated as a result, all fully automatically.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement the digital management of tenders integrated with the ERP in GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement the digital management of tenders integrated with the ERP in GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l.

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