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GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l. (GAM) manufactures equipment and furniture for children at nurseries and preschools, school furnishings, library furniture, furnishings for game rooms and didactic materials for the Montessori Method (it is the only company in Italy, and one of the three in the world certified by the AMI – Association Montessori Internationale). Given its manufacturing area, the company often participates in tenders that require it to quickly generate various types of documents regarding products requested, including commercial and technical datasheets. However, the process of manually generating product information sheets had problems:

  • A great deal of time needed to manually format each single sheet.
  • Time and effort required to locate the information necessary, stored in a disorganised manner by each user in local folders and/or shared repositories.
  • Each time a change was made to the specifications of a product, it was necessary to remember to also change the related sheet.
  • Difficulty in locating the correct, updated sheet when it was needed.
  • Non-standardised templates, often differing from sheet to sheet.

GAM thus wanted to implement a centralised procedure integrated with its ERP (SAM ERP2 of Centro Software) to quickly and efficiently create product information sheets, making it possible to personalise the documents based on the specific requests of the client, and automatically update them when changes are made to product specifications.

Following an exacting analysis together with Arket of the workflows applied up to that point to generate the technical datasheets/commercial information sheets, it was decided to leverage the potential of Globe software to implement a standardised process guided by a wizard, integrated with the ERP, to quickly generate product datasheets using a standard template but with personalised content. In Globe, a section was configured in which the items available for sale are automatically acquired by SAM ERP2 and kept always aligned with the ERP due to an automatic task.

The product information sheet can be generated using two methods:

  • Selecting an item, you can launch the generation of the product information sheet through a specific action.
  • Alternatively, you can create the sheet with the specific action “Enter Technical Datasheet”, by manually entering the specific item code.

Certain information is automatically filled out, starting with the details of the item selected (for ex. item code, size, weight and description). Manually, you can choose:

  • the colours of the finishings to be entered in the sheet, among those available in the system
  • a main image and any detailed images to add from the folder
  • any additional accessories

At this point, Globe automatically generates the sheet in PDF containing all the information previously selected and aligning with the standard template decided during configuration.

Attached to the finished sheet will be the images entered, which can be replaced from here. If changes are made to the item details in SAM ERP2, Globe automatically regenerates the sheet containing the updated information.

Thanks to this new method of managing product information sheets, GAM standardised the process of creating, consulting and editing this type of document, reducing to the minimum the time and effort required, while ensuring absence of errors, unaligned data, duplicates or non-standard formats:

  • Obtaining the information to be entered in the sheet was almost 100% automated;
  • Some information (for example, the colour chart), which was previously managed in a disorganised manner by single users, were centralised and standardised, saved in a single, shared repository, and organised by product family;
  • Document generation is fully centralised;
  • Formatting is organised and standardised for all products, with a wizard guiding the user in each step;
  • It becomes easy to share, recover and edit the product information sheets at any time;
  • All text-based information comes from the ERP DB, thereby eliminating time-consuming operations of searching and copying and pasting information.
One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to digitally transform the process of creating personalised product information sheets in GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to digitally transform the process of creating personalised product information sheets in GonzagArredi Montessori S.r.l.

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