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iMilani is a company with 50 years of experience in moulding plastic boxes and containers, with production lines designed to adapt in a tailor-made manner to clients’ needs and a fully internal, controlled production chain, which prioritises recycled and recyclable materials. With a view to centralising in a single area the history of each client and improve the customer experience, iMilani felt the need to implement a digital CRM (Customer Relationship Management) project designed based on its needs. In detail, its specific needs were:

  • Collecting and managing in a single platform all the history of the interactions with the client, from the pre-sales phase to after-sales
  • Managing and controlling the pre-sales phase (leads, opportunities, activities and offers)
  • Creating and viewing client information sheets
  • Viewing indicators and statistics regarding the relationship with the client, updated in real-time (for ex. invoices and orders) to objectively measure performance
  • Configuring various levels of authorisation for the various company employees that interact with clients to use the CRM

iMilani turned to Arket to identify the best solution to meet its needs: after an initial phase of discussion with the client and analysis of the company’s workflow and operating methods, it was decided to use the Globe Document Intelligence software to implement a CRM system integrated with the company ERP (SAM ERP2 of Centro Software). As a result of the project developed together with Arket, iMilani can:

  • always have full, constant control over the progress of its commercial activities and over relations with clients and leads.
  • Decrease the time needed to create commercial documentation, guiding users in filling out the information necessary, in a standardised format.
  • Always have all information necessary on clients available in a single area, at any time and in any place, even using smartphones and tablets.
  • Improve and enhance the customer experience
  • Eliminate tasks with low added value, thereby promoting the value of human capital and the competency of iMilani’s personnel.

For this project, we started with the management of several basic components of the sales pipeline. As regards the pre-sales phase, the project entailed configuring the following in Globe:

  • Leads, to which opportunities, activities and sales offers are linked.
  • Management of commercial opportunities and their progress, creating any offers.
  • Forwarding to the ERP offers accepted and automatic creation of links with the specific orders and shipments.
  • Management of the commercial activities linked to the opportunity.

Then, a client information sheet was implemented, a crucial element in the project, to which the data of interest flow and which directly gives rise to the opportunities, activities and offers. Sales offers are also managed, due to “strong” integration between Arket’s Globe and SAM ERP2 of Centro Software, entailing an exchange of information and data at various levels, to ensure that the back office quickly enters the offer in a structured manner. Moreover, to respond to the need to view indicators and statistics regarding the relationship with the client, various DataViews were configured, which provide views of certain data of interest requested by the client.

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Due to the CRM project implemented together with Arket using the Globe software, iMilani:

  • always has full control over the progress of commercial activities and sales flows.
  • The personnel in the commercial and sales areas have access to documentation and information anywhere and any time, due to the option to use the solution on the desktop client, on the web through a browser or from smartphones and tablets using the Globe App available for Android and iOS.
  • Managing sales information, leads, contacts, opportunities, offers and activities is now simple and optimised: the personnel in the commercial area are guided in filling out the information, procedures are standardised and the data is always up-to-date, also due to the bidirectional integration with the company ERP.
  • Thus, with this project, the company and its people can save time and energy in their day-to-day work and guarantee an improved Customer Experience, so that all sales staff are always aligned on the characteristics, needs and ongoing or previous activities that involve a specific client.
  • Lastly, the option to distribute permissions to several authorisation levels guarantees full compliance with company policies.

The solution, in detail…

As regards the pre-sales phase, iMilani decided to manage Leads in Globe. By implementing the action “Add Lead”, sales staff are guided in filling out a specific form to automatically create a new contact that is a “Lead” and a Lead Information Sheet in PDF, containing all the necessary information to manage the relations with the potential client.

As a result of integration with the European VIES system to verify the validity of a VAT no. of a business in the EU, it is much quicker to create a new contact, as entering the VAT no. in a specific field, its validity is verified and the other information (company name, address, post code, town, province or county and country) is automatically filled out.

Using the Client Information Form, you can view the contact details of the client, sales data, administrative and logistics data, a list of contacts attributed to the client and the sales opportunities, with activities under way.

Via the Client Information Sheet, you can also access a section that collects statistics, KPIs and charts that provide an immediate view of the situation (for ex. turnover and orders made) updated in real-time

Following a phase of analysis together with the client, a model of sales opportunities was also defined, designed based on the specific needs of iMilani. Thus, that model was implemented in a Globe template containing all the fields previously set up (for ex. name of the opportunity, lead involved, total amount, probability of closing, expected closing date, agent, sales area, competitors, status): internal agents, external agents or back office staff can add a new opportunity by filling out a specific form, which guides them in entering all the necessary information.

Then, we implemented the management and tracking of the progress of the opportunity through a well-specified sales pipeline, which involves several phases: search for clients, initiation of contact, identification of the client’s needs, codification of the client, entry of the offer, sending the offer, outcome of the offer, management of objections, and whether it was accepted or rejected. At each stage of the opportunity, the seller’s various activities can be triggered, for example, sending e-mail, appointments with the client, etc.

After implementing the management of sales opportunities, the CRM project developed by Arket together with iMilani involved creating and managing sales offers, both for clients already codified in the SAM ERP2 of Centro Software, and for leads. The company required the integration with the company ERP at the highest possible level, in order to synchronise all the information comprising the offer and reduce to the minimum the manual activities with low added value (for ex. data entry of the same information in various areas).

In synergy with iMilani’s personnel and the manufacturers of the ERP, the information necessary to fill out the header and rows of the offer was defined, to be exchanged with the ERP using border tables.

Thus, within Globe, the actions “New Offer”, “Enter/Edit Heading” and “Enter/Edit Row” were configured, which allow sales staff to enter in a quick, organised and functional manner all the information necessary to create the offer, from the desktop app, from a browser or using the Globe App. Starting with the information entered in specific forms through these actions, Globe automatically generates the PDF of the sales offer, which is automatically updated as a result of each change.

The management of the offer status (draft, under negotiation, approved or rejected) was also implemented, and the offers that change to the status “Accepted” are automatically transmitted to SAM ERP2.

Extra Data Views in addition to those linked to the Client Information Sheets were also configured, which provide an immediate view of the turnover and sales. The information can be filtered by year, country, client and invoice.

iMilani requested the ability to assign authorisations differentiated based on the type of user of the CRM features in Globe (agents, Sales Managers, and back office staff). Using Globe, you can manage permissions linked to documents and actions in a highly configurable, flexible manner, ensuring the utmost security and compliance with company policies.

In detail, Sales Managers can:

  • View all the agents’ activities
  • Enter activities to be assigned to the agents
  • Block activities or opportunities assigned to the agents
  • Take on agents’ activities

Each agent can:

  • Add a new lead
  • Enter an opportunity
  • Enter a new contact
  • View only the client information sheet, activities, contacts and opportunities assigned to them
  • Enter new opportunities
  • View the progress of their opportunities/offers/orders
  • Enter documents to be attached to the client’s information
  • Send offers to the client in PDF from Globe

The back office staff can view all the information.

We were looking for a solution to bring together in a single area the entire history of our relationship with each client, which is an extremely important asset for a company such as ours, which has thousands of active clients, and these assets must be centralised and shared.
In Arket we found the ideal partner to assist us in this project: using the Globe software, they proposed a solution tailor-made to our needs, highly integrated with the ERP, which lets us manage all the information and documents regarding clients using a single tool. It is a simple platform which guides users and can be used by everyone at any time, also out-of-office, for example, at an appointment with a client, when the information is still “hot”. We are absolutely satisfied, in every area, client side, sales staff and management: clients feel more secure, because they understand that on the other side there is a supplier that knows them and efficiently replies to their requests and specific needs, always placing the focus on them. On the other side, as iMilani, we can release our personnel from tasks that have no added value, enabling them to work better, set up highly targeted campaigns due to the information collected, and always have full control over the activities carried out and performance: anything that can be measured can be optimised.

Gianluca Marzano – CEO of iMilani S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to design the CRM project integrated with the ERP in iMilani S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to design the CRM project integrated with the ERP in iMilani S.r.l.

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