Large-scale retail trade: approval and distribution documents to sales points in a controlled way

Operating sector: retail

A large-scale retail trade company wanted a solution that would allow the various departments to easily approve and submit documents to the various sales points. The need was to have a tool to keep track of the actual view of the document by users to whom it was distributed.

The feature of Document Distribution has been implemented within our Globe Document Management software, already in use at the company for the management of automatic integration flows with commercial management software (Me. R.Sy.) and other logistics and accounting/administrative management software.

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The implementation of the “Document Distribution” feature within the Globe Document Software provides many benefits:

  • Controlled Approval Flow Management and Distribution of Documents;
  • Full control over document access and security, documents are accessible to recipients of the distribution only, and if a distribution is canceled, the document is immediately made inaccessible;
  • Highlighting and monitoring of the document take-over status: the distribution monitor shows whether or not a specific user has read the document, specifying the first opening date and time.

The solution, in detail…

When one of the offices (sales, marketing, personnel, hygiene and security, etc.) has to send a document to one or more sales points, it follows a specific approval flow within Globe:

  • The document is inserted or created directly in Globe from templates
  • The document is qualified and classified
  • The user who has entered the document verifies it and defines the user who will have to approve it. In addition, it is possible to involve another company function, selecting it from the appropriate drop-down menu, in order to have a second level of approval.
  • When the document is approved, the user can start the distribution process.

To distribute the document, the user will need to follow a few simple steps:

  • By clicking on the document to be distributed with the right button, some distribution options will appear, including “Document(s) Distribution”. The user can then set the recipients, which can be individual users or specific distribution lists (users within the lists are automatically updated through an association with Active Directory groups).
  • Once the recipients have been selected, the user can distribute the document. A note can be inserted at this stage and it will appear in the email notification automatically sent to recipients. You can also choose the type of distribution you want (eg. if you re-distribute a document you can select the option “Send to new users only”).
  • At this point, a distribution event will be associated with the document: clicking on it will display all the details of that distribution (e.g. who opened the document and when). Insted, by right-clicking on the distributed document and selecting “Document Distribution” – “Distribution outcome“, the results of all distributions associated with that document are shown.

Within the Globe document software, it will be very easy to keep track of submitted documents, thanks to two specific sections:“My Documents”where each user can see his documents; Distributed Documents where the user can see all documents he has distributed and a status preview.

Furthermore, Globe allows you to cancel a distribution, both for a whole list and for a single user: thus, the selected user will no longer be able to view the previously distributed document.

The document can be viewed directly via links received in the mail notification, without entering Globe client.

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to distribute documents in a controlled manner to sales points.

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to distribute documents in a controlled manner to sales points.

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