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Operating sector: construction of moulds and technopolymer moulding
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Meccanostampi S.r.l. is a company specialising in the design of moulds, moulding, assembly and finishing of high precision components.

It is located in 12 countries and operates transversally in various sectors, such as: water handling, consumer goods, the automotive, electromechanical, electronics, heating and lighting sectors. To date, its 4 plants take up 25,000 m3 of surface area, with over 250 workers.

Always focused on introducing new technologies, in the last few years, the company has enhanced its approach to the concept of Industry 4.0, introducing systems and machinery for automated, interconnected production supported by the digitisation of processes.

In this context, the Procurement Office implemented the optimisation of processes, mainly due to the bottlenecks in communicating with suppliers and the critical issues linked to the post-pandemic procurement crisis and the continuous fluctuation of commodities prices.

To deal with that situation, the assistants in the Procurement Office were forced to constantly remind suppliers via e-mail or through phone calls to verify and ensure that the goods would actually be delivered in the pre-set time frame and quantities: this resulted in an increase in the workload and margin of error, in addition to the fact that the Procurement Office effectively had less time and resources to dedicate to strategic activities.

Thus, for Meccanostampi it was fundamental to optimise the operations of the Procurement Office, specifically in exchanging information with suppliers, to have full control over incoming goods, optimise production planning and prevent the resulting inefficiencies and delays in the production department.

gestione digitale delle conferme d'ordine meccanostampi

With Arket’s consulting and technological support, Meccanostampi S.r.l. implemented a solution in the company capable of:

  • fully digitise the management of suppliers’ order confirmations
  • simplify and optimise workflows of the Procurement Office
  • eliminate repetitive, manual operations with low added value, while freeing up resources for more strategic activities.

The key factors introduced with the solution, implemented by leveraging the features of the COLLHUBORATE platform, are:

  • a database system integrated with the ERP is introduced, to quickly and efficiently manage suppliers’ information;
  • the solution automatically acquires the information on orders in the company IT system;
  • the platform automatically sends an e-mail to the suppliers containing the request for confirmation of the dates and quantities for orders to be received, and the related reminders in the event of no reply;
  • the supplier enters the confirmation of or changes the expected delivery dates and quantities through the dedicated web portal;
  • in the event of changes in confirmed dates or quantities, the updated data is communicated to the ERP;
  • a centralised monitoring dashboard is available for the Procurement Office.

The solution designed and developed with Arket enabled Meccanostampi to:

  • Have a real-time global monitoring solution of incoming supplies available, which makes it possible to work only on the exceptions: the Procurement Office no longer has to manually check all the purchase orders to verify that the data is correct or solicit or update information, and just concentrates on those with critical issues;
  • Increase efficiency due to the optimised communication with the supplier, with significant results even after 2 months from the project go live: the automatic reminders and the portal ensure targeted, more reliable information for the purpose of planning production, while reducing the investment of time and resources necessary. Suppliers also appreciated the benefits of the solution, with a participation rate of 80% in the new procedure;
  • Integrate the management of order confirmations with other company applications, without changing the operating methods in place or the IT system;
  • Gain more time to assess the quality of suppliers and negotiate better terms and conditions.
One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to build the solution dedicated to the digital management of order confirmations of Meccanostampi

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platforms we used to build the solution dedicated to the digital management of order confirmations of Meccanostampi

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