Professional association: automatic management of document registration

Operating sector: professional association

A venetian Professional Association/Public Body needed a tool for the automation of the registration process for incoming and outgoing documents.

The documents registration, in fact, was based for incoming documents on a classic manual registration by “stamp” and, for the outgoing documents, on a “verbal” management between the various users for booking the numbering.

In addition to these issues, the system in use did not allow to classify documents according to custom criteria, nor to manage senders and recipients of documents.

Then, the digital documents had to be printed and re-scanned once stamped manually. In addition to the significant number of manual operations for the association between the record and the document, this process had the effect of generating a large number of useless prints.

This also resulted in a high risk of error.

The organization has therefore decided to rely on Globe, our software for intelligent document management and storage.

Regarding incoming documents using our DMS, there is no more need to print digital documents in order to be able to record them: Globe, in fact, can automatically place on the PDF document a virtual stamp and a barcode with the registration data (both for documents already received in digital format and for scanned paper documents).

There are two ways of recording outgoing documents:

  • Direct registration: through a specific action launched by the user, it is possible to “automatically” stamp an outgoing document with the registration data.
  • Controlled workflow: creating the outgoing document (such as a letter or a verbal) Globe checks the flow status and consistently performs the necessary “reservation” operations of the first avaiable numbering and subsequent registration confirmation.
      • Typically, when opening a new draft document (eg a verbal), the workflow starts and Globe creates a record that assigns the correct numbering. That particular registration number will then be booked and will not be mistakenly used by others.
      • When the document status is “final version“, the document version is no longer editable, and then the registration number is confirmed. The date and protocol number are placed directly on the document by Globe.

Moreover, Globe gives you the option to cancel the registration in case of error. The previously assigned and cancelled registration number cannot be reused.

Adopting a platform for storage and document management has allowed to the organization to achive many benefits:

  • Automatic association between the registration and the document
  • Eliminations of errors related to manual registration (eg missed or duplicate registration numbers)
  • ability to simultaneously manage documents between different users who deal with the registration (eliminating, for example, the danger that two users use the same registration ID for two different documents);
  • Eliminating the need to print documents received in digital format, in order to apply the physical stamp with the registration data and subsequently the need to re-capture them from scanners for digital storage.
  • Possibility to classify and store documents in an orderly manner for immediate search and avaiability
  • Ability to exploit functionalities of document distribution for sending to internal and external users copies of the registered documents
One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to automate incoming and outgoing document registration processes

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to automate incoming and outgoing document registration processes

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