SINV Spa: ERP integration with logistic software for the management of finished garments

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Sinv Spa had to solve a integration problem between the ERP and the logistic software StockSystem for the management of finished garmemts.

The management has chosen not to use a more traditional method, based on transfer files, since there was the need to pass all files on DB, because the logistics software is prepared for interfacing through tables of the SQL Server database.

Moreover, there was the necessity to effectively monitor the flow of transactions and to be notified in case of any anomalies.

So, the company has chosen to rely on our DUPLODB software to manage data flow between AS400 and StockSystem.

From the ERP on AS400, the paking order is sent to the logistics software StockSystem, used by the departmental software for picking, customization and packaging of finished garments.

The packing process also requires the logistics system to create the package with the relevant garments and the data is synchronized in real time to the AS400. The package is then weighed and labelled and the data is collected on AS400 through a special interface.

The package, then, continues towards the storage platform where the operator, through StockSystem, reads the barcode identifying the package and stores it. Duplo sends the storage information in real time to AS400, so that the customer service can verify the packages ready to be shipped.

It will now be possible to logically group packages for shipment to the customer (process managed on AS400). This process provides a return of data from AS400 to StockSystem to indicate to operators the Storage Mission of packages to be shipped.

The withdrawal confirmation is sent to AS400, in order to generate the invoice/delivery note. Given the great timeliness required, even at this stage DUPLO DB synchronizes data in real time.

The use of our solution allowed the customer to fully manage the two-way data flow between the ERP on AS400 and the logistics application StockSystem on SQL Server database, located in a remote company headquarters, at the finished product warehouse. All in real time and without mistakes.

A first big advantage achieved thanks to Duplo is that all the synchronization process takes place in the background, without the need for operator control, as Duplo is equipped with a effective active monitoring system, capable of automatically reporting any problems related to the data alignment process.

Moreover, the adopted architecture allows, in the event of anomalies in the enter or management of data, to promptly trace the cause, thanks to a powerful system of tracking and query of the updated data.

The possibility of interface the data in real time, without having to intervene at the application level, has allowed to maintain the same architecture towards automated weighing/labelling systems, allowing you to manage the two-way synchronization of data in the short transition between the weighing of the package and the application of the shipping label on the package itself.

“In almost 4 years of use there have been no blocks in the data process managed by Duplo. The product works completely in the background and does not require any intervention by the operator, who can constantly monitor the processes related to data synchronization.
Server restarts (Duplo/Stocksystem/As400) or interruptions due to connectivity problems do not affect the data synchronization process, as Duplo is able to buffer all transactions and reconstruct the exact realignment sequences of data after restart.”

Eng. Luigi Bianchi – IT Manager of SINV Spa

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform used to integrated the ERP with the logistics application in SINV Spa

One suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform used to integrated the ERP with the logistics application in SINV Spa

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