Unilab laboratori industriali S.r.l.: innovation in document management of conformity certificates


Image credits: Unilab

Partner with which the project was developed: Centro Software S.r.l.

Operating sector: technical engineering services and instrument calibration

Unilab Laboratori Industriali S.r.l. is a Laboratory specialised in technical engineering services, mainly in the areas of: Industrial Metrology, Materials Tests, Metallography, Contamination and Tomography. These include the service of Calibration of Measuring Instruments. On a daily basis, the company manages data deriving from measuring equipment, which is entered into Word or Excel documents. The documents are delivered to the client by printing out PDFs, signing and scanning them using a multifunction system. Connecting the testing equipment with the final documents requires an Access environment and entails manually archiving them in folders in the file system. However, the company’s development needs required structured, digital management of documentation, with a view to Industry 4.0: for this reason, the company chose Globe as the software solution to support the document processes linked to conformity certificates.

Unilab uses our Globe document software to archive and manage all documents in the sales and procurement cycles, integrating it with SAM ERP2 of Centro Software. Given the efficiency of the document solution in the accounting area, the company decided to use Globe software also for certificate management. Therefore, their operators work in a single, fully integrated environment, which includes the client database, the instrument database, all of the job documentation and the client web portal.

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Unilab Laboratori Industriali S.r.l. obtained four primary benefits by deciding to use document software like Globe:

  • all certificates are produced, archived and managed in a single environment.
  • the certificates generated and archived in Globe can be searched using keywords, by job, by order, by instrument, by client, etc.
  • all the documents regarding a specific job are automatically grouped in dossiers, making viewing the certificates much quicker and simpler.
  • using the Globe portal, Unilab makes available to clients a new service that can be used via web and makes exchanging documents more efficient.

Lastly, the process innovation achieved by introducing the Globe system enabled Unilab to be one of the companies awarded the Vouchers for the digitisation of company processes and technological upgrading pursuant to Italian Interministerial Decree 23 September 2014.

The solution, in detail…

In Globe, the operator can select various items of information, using an interactive form activated by the command “Enter New Certificate”, such as:

  • Type of document (for ex. analysis certificate)
  • Operator
  • Job
  • Certificate no.
  • Instrument

Subsequently, Globe guides the operator in manually entering the data (required for certain types of instruments) or in selecting the PRN file created by the measuring equipment and containing the measurement data.

Moreover, some information is directly inherited from the administrative software (e.g. Job No., Client address), enabling Globe to seamlessly insert itself into the management work cycle. Globe processes that file and automatically enters the data contained in it into the Word and Excel forms already used in the laboratory, letting personnel work with documentation they are already familiar with.

Once all the data has been recovered and the Word/Excel document created, Globe automatically generates the PDF version, which is electronically signed and sent to the client.

All the documents generated using this procedure are automatically organised in Dossiers/folders, which efficiently collect all the documentation regarding a specific job/client. Unilab also provides a service that makes the electronically signed documents available through a Globe Portal, accessible on the web using credentials: clients thus can securely view their certificates and autonomously download them, thereby eliminating the manual sending.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement the digitised management of non-conformity certificates in Unilab Laboratori Industriali S.r.l.

One Suite, four platforms, unlimited solutions

Discover the platform we used to implement the digitised management of non-conformity certificates in Unilab Laboratori Industriali S.r.l.

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